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Karin Östberg: ‘Things – a game of objects in space’; solo exhibition

The art of Karin Östberg (S-1955) is the result of a project that began 15 years ago. She developed fleeing and craquelerende glazes on pottery. The objects are abstract forms coming from mathematically rhythms made by hand. These ‘ Things ‘ come from rectangles or circles. This simple origin of forms gives an endless range […]

Lecture Ceramic Art & Design

Invitation 邀请函   Beauty overcomes differences, Sharing promotes growth 美克服分歧,分享促进发展   荷兰王国驻华大使馆邀请您参加 来自西梦 & 李振 & 文那的陶瓷艺术与设计讲座 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands invite you to join the presentation about Ceramic Art & Design By Simone Haak, Li Zhen and Wenna     Venue: The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 4 Liangmahe […]