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Porcelain Palette

Group exhibition on the theme ‘porcelain’. A show which contains many subjects as vases & bowls, abstract objects and lamps. In this last category Amy Cooper introduces her new line ‘Keskorra’ with lamps on hand-made wooden stands. Participants a.o.: Karin Bablok Amy Cooper Babs Haenen Groh+Nishida Beatrijs van Rheeden Yuk Kan Yeung

Bols de France

Bowls by Anne-Soline Barbaux and Sylvie Enjalbert at Galerie Terra Delft, May 18 – 29 June, 2019 An undeniable and universal expression of ceramics culture is the pot, a subject found far back in ancient cultures and in which the functional and the decorative aspects merge. In a pot, the signature and the cultural identity […]

Bowls with character; duo exhibition

Exhibition with bowls made by Ann van Hoey (B) and Rachel Wood (GB). Both artists work with ceramic pot forms, though their work is very different regarding development and effect. While Ann van Hoey approaches ultimate perfection in simplicity, Rachel Wood works with natural and fanciful decoration.Both artists execute the ceramic techniques masterfully, leading to […]