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One hundred cups in China

Xishuangbanna Minorities Museum 西双版纳民族博物馆 shows an international ceramic event which contains an exhibition, workshops and art fair. The region maintains a strong agricultural focus which includes growing tea and coffee. This explains the theme of the international exhibition in Xishuangbanna Minorities Museum: Coffee and Tea Art Exhibition – One hundred cups 咖啡与茶的对话茶艺展演 Curator of the […]

Ivan Jelínek solo

Jelínek‘s teapots, jugs, sugar bowls and cream jugs, glasses and serving trays are not the most everyday utensils, hidden away in kitchen cupboards. They are made from quality porcelain with a glazed coating to which silver has been applied. By expanding the shape and the movement of the contours, they have become sculptures with recognisable […]

East meets West; Wenna meets Marc

From May 27 – June 26, 2017, Galerie Terra Delft will feature a duo exhibition of the Belgian artist  Marc Janssens (B) and the Chinese artist  Wenna (CN), from Beijing: ‘East meets West – Wenna meets Marc’. Wenna is known in Delft, Lyon, Mauritius, Shanhai, Beijing, New Zealand and Sanbao-Jingdezhen for her colorful murals. The themes which […]

Jackson Li: Post Imperial Porcelain

During the early 1980s, enormous quantities of fragments were unearthed at the imperial kiln sites in the Chinese city of Jingdezhen. This archaeological discovery stunned the ceramic world: it was the earliest Ming-porcelain manufactured especially for the Chinese emperors. However, it never reached the imperial court in Beijing. 500 years later, in Porcelain for the […]