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ZhenXi; ‘Sharing fosters growth’, duo expo

ZhenXi: “Beauty overcomes differences. Sharing fosters growth.” The name ZhenXi in Chinese means ‘act with love, devote your heart to something’. It is clear from the work in this exhibition that the two artists, Li Zhen and Xi Meng – the Chinese name of Simone Haak – are infused with this sentiment. Simone, who together with […]

One hundred cups in China

Xishuangbanna Minorities Museum 西双版纳民族博物馆 shows an international ceramic event which contains an exhibition, workshops and art fair. The region maintains a strong agricultural focus which includes growing tea and coffee. This explains the theme of the international exhibition in Xishuangbanna Minorities Museum: Coffee and Tea Art Exhibition – One hundred cups 咖啡与茶的对话茶艺展演 Curator of the […]

East meets West by Design 2013

During a six week stay in the ceramic studio of Opal Furniture, two Dutch designers of the Terra Delft Gallery will work with the Chinese elements; porcelain and glazes. After a first impression at the Milano Design Week in Italy, were their tea sets were displayed in the Chinese stand, Opal Furniture and the Terra […]