International ceramics exhibition in Sanbao Museum

International ceramics exhibition in Sanbao Museum in Jingdezhen, China, in collaboration with Terra Delft Gallery

From October 18 through December 1, 2018; after December 1 the exhibition is open by appointment only.
Participating artists:

Johanpeter (JP) Hol, United Kingdom
Martin McWilliam, Germany
Karin Bablok, Germany
Anne-Soline Barbaux, France
Daphne Corregan, France
Philippe Dubuc, France
Ivan Jelínek, Czech Republic
Mieke de Groot, The Netherlands
Liesbeth Kamp, The Netherlands
Karin van Paassen, The Netherlands
Saskia Pfaeltzer, The Netherlands
Hein Severijns, The Netherlands
Susanne Silvertant, The Netherlands

Judith de Vries, The Netherlands
Hidemi Tokutake, Japan
Young Soo Kim, South Korea
Young Taek Shin, South Korea
Hwan Cheol Kim, South Korea
Miki Shim Rutter, USA
Daniel Stetzinger, USA
Chao Karn Hae, Hong Kong
Wong Ching Pong, Kevis, Hong Kong
Yau Man Pun, Ben, Hong Kong
Yung Yuk Ming, Hong Kong
L22, Hong Kong

Since 2011, Terra Delft Gallery in the Netherlands and the Sanbao International Ceramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen, China have had a strong collaboration. There are artist exchanges between these two organizations every year: Chinese artists come to Delft, and European artists spend time in Jingdezhen for artist-in-residence periods.

Each year, spring and autumn, Simone Haak of Terra Delft Gallery has served as the curator of the exhibition which takes place in Jackson Li’s Sanbao Museum. This autumn exhibition, with work from 17 artists, shows a great variety in subject and technique from East and West, and is therefore a unique representation of contemporary ceramics. The exhibition this autumn is co-curated by Johanpeter (JP) Hol, whose work is especially featured in the exhibition.

Since 2016 JP has been in Jingdezhen numerous times for work periods varying from a few weeks to months. As an artist, his point of departure is from an idea rather than from the material. His work is based on the human paradox: the individual in the group and the sense of forlornness that can be felt even as part of a group, the loneliness of the human condition. Some overlapping themes include the invisible things, shadows, what remains unsaid between members of a group, dystopia, and disneyfication. The inspiring creative climate of the porcelain city of Jingdezhen has made ceramics an important part of his materials repertoire; he also adds plastic, fabric, paper, paint, and metal to that.

The Sanbao International Ceramic Art Institute is now 20 years old. In the coming two years this anniversary will be celebrated with diverse projects, with a concluding finale in 2020.

Since 2012, more than twenty European artists have spent time in Sanbao, Jingdezhen in order to work and exchange experiences. This has been an inspiring period for every one of them