Karin Janssen: China Blue, variation on Delft Blue

Delft resident Karin Janssen, urban architecht and painter, did an artist-in-residence period last autumn in the Chinese sister city of Delft, Jingdezhen. During this 7-week stay, Karin realized a long-cherished dream: painting on porcelain.
This ceramic debut, resulting in a Chinese variation on Delft Blue, can be seen in Karin Janssen’s solo exhibition ‘China Blue’ at Galerie Terra Delft. The exhibition features objects designed by Karin and produced in Chinese porcelain by local craftspeople. The work shows variety in size and functionality.
The abstract decorations are mainly executed in blue, a color also frequently used by Karin Janssen in her paintings, and the most important color in both the famous Delft earthenware and in Jingdezhen porcelain. The deliberate forms have an identity of their own; restrained but not overly obvious. The dynamic decorations on these forms are well-balanced.
On Saturday, January 19, from 16:30 – 17:00, Karin Janssen will give a lecture in the Delft City Hall about her Chinese artist-in-residency. The lecture will include photographs which show her way of working in China. Simone Haak, owner of Galerie Terra Delft, is the initiator and supervisor of these ceramics projects in China and she will share these unique experiences with the audience.