Beatrijs van Rheeden

Structures and rhythms in porcelain forms

After we showed  the installation during our jubilee exhibitionBrandpunt  Terra 2011/Focus in Terra 2011 in Museum Het Prinsenhof Delft (NL), Beatrijs van Rheeden shows a number of objects through which she investigates the capabilities of the intriguing hexagram further. The conceptual approach with elements of cast porcelain in legitimate structures and rhythms is located behind her: again, the emphasis is on the irregular and manual. The fragile structures, monochrome colored, possess her famous erratic handwriting with the thin modeled walls and the jagged finish. In addition, there are a number of more robust objects, which build on to this idea. They consist of solid forms accumulated by hand. She cuts the hexagrams out, where this repetition leads to a new structure.

Meetings with international ceramic artists laid the germ for the new developments in her work: in 2006, for instance, she discovered in the work of the Korean Gwan Sun Hood the pure beauty of the material porcelain. In 2008, she worked for a month together with Marc Leuthold (USA), who cuts into the leather hard clay and porcelain of his cones and disks.

Etty Walda