Claire Verkoyen: ‘Light and Green’; solo exhibition

Claire Verkoyen (born in Curaçao, 1959), visual artist, lives in Amsterdam and is the head of the ceramics studio of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Her work can be seen in several museums, such as recently in the Ceramics Museum Princessehof in Leeuwarden, NL, and now as part of the permanent collection ‘Stedelijk Base’ in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

The porcelain bowls/dishes in this solo exhibition are a continuation of the 2017 installation ‘Bugs and bytes’, which was shown in the Princessehof. In it, Verkoyen created a fantastic futuristic world with insects and plants which have evolved into machines. She asks questions about our dependence on computers and technology, and the dangers inherent in them. Is the human brain sufficiently equipped to keep up with the future phases in the development of artificial intelligence? Using visual language, she dares the viewer to form his or her own conception.

The design on the porcelain wall dish ‘Light & Green I’ (diameter 48 cm.) is brought to life by an animation on a small 10-inch screen on the wall.

New in this exhibition is the use of fluorescent pigments. When the light goes out, a second image can be seen.

Claire Verkoyen at Terra Delft