2014-06 Corregan and Suffren; Air and Balance: making the unseen visible

From May 24 – June 28, Terra Delft Gallery will feature intriguing work by the artist couple from the south of France, Daphné Corregan and Gilles Suffren. They have worked together for many years, not only conversing about each other’s work but also debating about each other’s results. Now they consider the time ripe for collaborative reflection. The results of these efforts will be shown to the public at the exhibition in Delft.

Gilles continues his investigation into the dialogue between two forms, their instability and balance. He begins at his working table with a block of clay and wire. Small models enable him to explore drawings in space and thereby pose questions concerning the essence of the piece, such as density, balance, space and mass. His use of clay and metal draws attention to the contrast between the two materials; the metal mirrors the lines in a drawing, whereas the clay echoes the volume.

Daphné calls herself a butterfly, flitting from one territory to another but always true to her original interests: architecture, the body, and the ceramic lexicon. The present investigation has led her to materialize inaccessible substances that resonate in the body or spirit: breath and clouds, or, related to the physical body itself, such as hands and heads. The heads are oversized and primitive, painted spontaneously and unpretentious manner with an overlay pattern, or masked.

Etty Walda