Dirk Romijn 1946-2017 Retrospective exhibition

Dirk Romijn
1946 – 2017


As a tribute to one of the most consistent ceramists in the Netherlands, Terra Delft Gallery is organizing this retrospective exhibition. Since the very beginning of his career as a ceramic artist, his vases and candleholders have been part of Terra’s collection.  With this exhibition a catalogue (36 p.) is available. 

Towards the end of his life the passionate ceramist sought contact with Simone Haak and Joka Doedens, asking them to be caretakers of his professional legacy. Vases from all of the periods of his life have now been brought together one last time and give a wonderful picture of his development as an artist.

His great love of flowers and plants, which he also showed in his gardens, led him to design vases which emphasize the characteristics of a certain flower: its color, the length of its stem, but also whether that stem is woody and firm or rather flexible. At the bottom of the vase he sometimes makes a little platform or some grooves in order to give the stems some support. The interplay of vase and flower is so important to him that he requested that the gallery exhibit the vases together with the flowers that he has chosen for them.

The refined glazes are chosen very consciously. Only rarely is a vase made in more than one color. His wide knowledge of glazes has been shared with his many ceramics students at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

Etty Walda
Terra Delft Gallery