2013-10 Disclosure ceramic art in renovated Hamtunnel

Decoration Hamtunnel

The streets in Delft are decorated with blue-white glazed bricks. This route connects the locations showing ceramics during the demonstration Focus in Terra 2011. Delft city adopted this route as a permanent ceramic route. The Hamtunnel, is part of this route.

Márta Nagy was invited by Delft city gouvernement to decorate the walls of the tunnel with ceramic art. Márta created a reliëf with hand-made bricks. Some bricks are decorated with a silver- or goldluster glaze. The pattern is inspired by a map of Delft from 1652. This piece of art is named ‘Garden’ to honour the canals and gardens of the historical citycentre.

The disclosure of the Hamtunnel by the Delft alderman Milène Junius, is on October 26, 15.00 pm.

location: einde Achterom z.z.
city: Delft

Delft 1652