East meets West by Design 2013

During a six week stay in the ceramic studio of Opal Furniture, two Dutch designers of the Terra Delft Gallery will work with the Chinese elements; porcelain and glazes. After a first impression at the Milano Design Week in Italy, were their tea sets were displayed in the Chinese stand, Opal Furniture and the Terra Delft Gallery developed the plan to create a cooperation in design and production. As China has the greatest history of working with porcelain and Holland is famous about its design, this combination can bring us top products.

In October-November 2013 the two Dutch designers of the Terra Delft Gallery, Jo Schoenmakers and Olav Slingerland, will work in the ceramic studio of Opal Furniture in Wenzhou. This studio is located in the head office of Mr. Xiaojie Zhu’s company Opal Furniture. After designing and producing contemporary furniture for many years Mr. Zhu is up to a new challenge; find a renovation in design with porcelain. This first artist in residence project is exciting and adventurous for both sides, Holland as well as China.

Jo Schoenmakers (JAS/MV) https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/151
Olav Slingerland https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/165

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location: studio Opal Furniture
city: Wenzhou (CN)