Hans van der Weijden & Heide Nonnenmacher; duo expo

Material as point of departure

The works of Nonnenmacher and Van der Weijden originate from the idea of seeing and grasping the exceptional aspect of seemingly self-evident elements. For Nonnenmacher, these are elements from nature, organic materials. For Van der Weijden, these are remnants of culture, excavations, the remains of human activity.

Nonnenmacher lives and works in Germany, using the medium of porcelain. Her delicate forms are abstractions derived from nature. They have their own soul and character and stand strongly alone, but also lend themselves well to combinations. Sometimes these objects have bright monochrome colors; sometimes they are executed in clear white porcelain. This exhibition is Nonnenmacher’s debut in Galerie Terra Delft.

Van der Weijden’s work was seen in the spring edition 2017 of the KunstKamer Delft, a biennial arts manifestation partly organized by Terra Delft. His chests and boxes are lovingly compiled from diverse materials, and the goldsmith’s craft forms the basis. The ceramic elements in his objects include antique Delftware shards, glassware, and pots. Recently added to these are perfume bottles from Jingdezhen, the Chinese city of porcelain and sister city of Delft.

This exhibition, in which the level of artistry and skill of both exhibitors is made manifest, lets the material speak for itself in its own way.