JDZ in Delft 2017

Visit the open studio from March 6 – April 30, 2017

One Dutch and three Chinese artists will be working on new pieces in an open studio on the Delft street ‘Nieuwe Langendijk 13’. By offering a stage to artists from two cultures, the connection between the cities of Jingdezhen and Delft is again given prominence. The empty shop building will be transformed into a creative breeding ground where the public is welcome to follow the works in progress.

Simone Haak, ceramic artist and co-owner of Galerie Terra Delft, will be present as supervisor and maker. The Chinese artists Wenna, Xiao Tian and Li Zhen will offer visitors demonstrations and workshops. The work completed by the artists will be exhibited and will also be for sale.

Wenna, a graphic artist but also a talented ceramist, made large wall paintings at the Stanislascollege on the Krakeelpolderweg during an earlier stay in Delft. In the meantime she has completed wall paintings in many different places, naturally in China, but also in the USA and in Lyon, France. She also has a commission from the prestigious French fashion brand Hermès for their establishment in Shanghai. Li Zhen has connections with Delft as well; together with Simone Haak, he designs and creates the porcelain bowls, teapots and lidded boxes for the brand ZhenXi which is available in Galerie Terra on the Nieuwstraat. The colored porcelain sports a great variety of green, blue and brown tints.

During this work period, Museum Prinsenhof Delft will open an exhibition on May 8 entitled ‘Forbidden Porcelein – Exclusively for the Emperor’. Imperial porcelain from Jingdezhen and Beijing will be shown in Europe for the first time. Whatever did not meet or exceed the highest standards was destroyed. The heart of the exhibition will be 120 unique objects from the 11th to 15th centuries. Galerie Terra will exhibit the contemporary counterparts: the refined porcelain of the Chinese artist Jackson Li, which fortunately is available to everyone.