Katharine Morling: ‘My nature’, solo expo

Katharine Morling (GB); ‘My nature’

Four years ago, Terra exhibited her objects for the first time. Since then, Katherine has continued to explore self-expression in her chosen visual language.

She derives her inspiration from objects from everyday life and from strolling through antique markets. Nature, particularly flowers and butterflies, also plays an important role. She places still lifes in old wooden boxes and occasionally also in elegant mahogany display cases; the matte white porcelain with dark contours contrasts beautifully with the glowing wood. Colored paintbrushes symbolize her search for new possibilities.

After making many sketches on paper, Katherine decides what she will create. She rolls porcelain into flat sheets and begins to cut. Her rapid method facilitates the desired spontaneity, and the material contributes to this effect: the porcelain is somewhat deformed when fired.

Etty Walda
Galerie Terra Delft

In part 2 of the ceramics magazine ‘de kleine K’ you can find an extensive article (in Dutch) about Katherine Morling.