2014-12 Marc Janssens

Marc Janssens’ (B-1969) sculptures fit in the Belgium figurative tradition. they are related to the statues by José Vermeersch, Carmen Dionyse and Panamarenko. Janssens subject is the human being. Each staue has its own character and is unique. In a humble way he creates a penetating view, again and again. He uses several materials which he assembles to the base, a human figure out of clay.

His human figures come in several sizes; from lifesize to statues with a height of 25 cm. . In general the expression of the sculptures is a kind of defenceless in combination with an assertive character. Sometimes his sculptures look offensive, but these people are not to pitiful. Stroken by one or another destiny, they lowly live through this situation.

Each sculpture is made out of clay which is to be fired and painted. The painting is more htan just put on some paint, sometimes other materials are ajusted to give accent to the eyes and skin. The colours used are nuances of earthcolour which makes good combinations with the iron, wood and other materials added.

In October 2014 Marc Janssens was invited by Terra Delft to go to China for a month. In the Sanbao Int. Ceramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen he did an artist in residence. During this periode Janssens became much inspired through the differences in culure and circomstances. The Eastern impressions leave their marks in his staues and assemblages.

Since 2012 on a regular base Terra Delft sends artists to Sanbao-Jingdezhen. A common experience with the artists is that they all come back very much inspired. Afterwards on these experiences Terra organises in cooperation with the Sanbao gallery exhibitions in China as well as in Delft. In January 2015 the resultats of six artists will be shown in the exhibition ‘Terra in China 2014’. The artists, amongst others Marc Janssens, will talk about their experiences and results.