2015-04 Melting Galleries: Sanbao (CN) & Terra Delft (NL)

Melting Galleries

Contemporary ceramic art exhibition Spring 2015

This exhibition will be another engrossing experience for the public. Twentytwo artists are represented of which eighteen are from Europe. Melting Galleries gives a high standard overview of artists who are both convinced in their own special way of creating and also are open-minded to explore new ways and possibilities. This exhibition in this beautiful environment of the idyllic Sanbao International Ceramic Art Village Museum, makes that the visitors are treated on an experience.

This exhibition is another result of the project Terra in China – China in Terra. This project has had its very start in the Autumn of 2010 when the founder of Sanbao, (Jackson) Li Jiansheng visited the Terra Delft Gallery and suggested a cooperation. Since then several exhibitions are realized in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Delft and Sanbao.

see an impression of this exhibition through this link.

List of artists/ participants:

Duncan Ross https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/76 冉祥飞= Ran Xiangfei
Judith de Vries https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/1557 张凌云= Zhang Lingyun
Hein Severijns https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/79 卢剑星= Lu Jianxing
Philippe Dubuc https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/47 李见深= Jackson Li https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/738
Ann van Hoey https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/830 權眞姬- 韩国 = Kwon Jin Hee – Korea
Amy Cooper https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/44 Karin Oestberg https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/70
Daniel Levi https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/1608 Mieke de Groot https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/54
Marc Janssens https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/731 Susanne Silvertant https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/80
Felicity Aylieff https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/590 Takeshi Yasuda https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/1309
Beatrijs van Rheeden https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/73 Wim Borst https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/43
Martin McWilliam https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/66 Peter Keizer https://www.terra-delft.nl/node/486