Saskia Pfaeltzer solo

During the summer months the work of Saskia Pfaeltzer can be seen in Terra Delft Gallery. It promises to be an intriguing exhibition: Saskia is a multifaceted artist who has already had many exhibits in the Netherlands and abroad; her bronze statues can be found in many public spaces. She not only works in Amsterdam, but also had a studio in the Antilles for many years. The work featured in this exhibition was made in Kecskemet (Hungary) and in China.

Terra juni 2017 0617.inddLast year Saskia worked as an artist in residence in the ceramics center in Sanbao, near Jingdezhen (China), where she used that area’s beautiful porcelain in an entirely original way. Large vases are painted with human figures; they appear to be applied roughly and rapidly, and are further decorated with areas of dripping reddish-brown. The use of gold gives a luxurious appearance. Platters are adorned with human and animal figures, often using a characteristic blue. Saskia is namely also a talented graphic artist: she has illustrated several books about philosophy and designed stage sets for an opera. Figures are a characteristic of her work; they are appear in relief on the edge of a number of shiny white porcelain bowls, their interiors glazed gold.

Highly glossy glaze and colorful animal heads complete the collection, together with dancing figures in stoneware, made in Hungary. The dancer’s movements appear especially graceful. The use of robust stoneware constitutes a stunning contrast with the elegant forms. These figures always stand on a matching console, which is also true of the much larger caryatids.

Etty Walda

Notice: from 15/07 to 02/09 the gallery is only open on Saturday 11.00:17.00