2013-12 Shenzhen International Art Fair 2013

Jackson Li and international artists

A presentation by Sanbao International Ceramic Gallery together with Terra Delft Gallery on Shenzhen International Art Fair 2013 in China.

At this art fair Terra shows work of several artists of the gallery. After the presenttion on the Beijing Design Week and the participation on the Shanghai Art Fair, the Shenzhen Art Fair is the final off Terra in China 2013. December 11th Terra will do a lecture together with Jackson Li bout the connection between Delft and Jingdezhen. East and West meet eachother through ceramics, throuh the art. This cooparation between Sanbao and Terra gives many opportunities and possibilities.

For example, in 2014 some of the Terra artists will do an artist-in-residency in Sanbao. In time these results will be shown in the gallery.

For this moment you can follow us by our weblog: http://terrainchina2013.logze.nl

location: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center; Hall 9 stand A19
city: Shenzhen (CN)