Silvertant Solo; An inspiring adventure through the ancient firing technique of raku

Since 2012 the gallery has been working intensively with the ceramics institute Sanbao-Jingdezhen in China. Thanks to Terra Delft, various artists have ventured to the Far East and become motivated and inspired. So, too, has Susanne Silvertant, who has always been fascinated by other cultures and curious about new experiences and impulses.

Her choice of the ancient firing technique, originally from Japan, is noteworthy. This technique is generally considered to be restrictive; the sudden cooling results in the beautiful crackle in the glaze but also carries the risk of completely bursting the work. The larger and more angular the object, the greater the chance of bursting. Silvertant, however, with her enormous experience and technical mastery, can overcome these restrictions. The result is a series of powerful monumental and abstract sculptures, realized in different colors.

A high level of crafstmanship may imply an artist with primarily an internal focus. But Silvertant welcomes adventure, internationally and multiculturally. In this exhibit she shows wall pieces on which she has worked with three well-known artists: Jackson Li from China, the Syrian Oussama Diab, and Marie-José Leenders of the Netherlands have engaged in this collaboration. The final product is wonderful; the simple cube shapes form the basis for figurative paintings.

This exhibition demonstrates that looking outwards and embracing adventure, supported by great craftsmanship, can lead to beautiful results.


with Marie-José Leenders
with Oussama Diab