Swinging Ceramics

Iván Jelínek & Ross Emerson

From 26 May to 23 June 2012 you will find in Terra Delft Gallery a merry tuning exhibition of two foreign ceramic artists. Their items seem to runaway from a fairy-tale picture book like Alice in Wonderlandor from a cartoon where the cups and the glass are dancing on table.

The British Ross Emerson makes multicolored ceramic clocks, which come to life as quirky characters. They become real characters, now agree with endearing hands and feet, then again adorned with a domestic scene. He brings musical instruments, chess boards, birds and animals to meet a motley combination. Movement is caused by the distorted perspective and by the combination of the different shapes and colors. The deep colors, sometimes accented with gold details, are applied layer upon layer. They form a nice contrast with the silver of Iván Jelínek from Prague. He makes little everyday utensils of high-grade porcelain, equipped with an opaque layer of glaze and silver. By enlargement of the shape and by the movement in the contours the objects get human traits. Glasses, with a steel of porcelain and a chalice of Bohemian crystal, teapots, trays, jugs, but also the tables to serve the whole, offer a moment to return to the world of a happy, carefree childhood.

Etty Walda