2015-11 Takeshi Yasuda: The dynamic side of porcelain

From November 18 through December 17, 2015 we are proud to present the magnificent work of the internationally-famous Japanese ceramic artist Takeshi Yasuda.

Born in Tokyo Yasuda settled in Britain in 1973, he has taught at various art academies and universities across the United Kingdom and was Professor of Applied Arts at the University of Ulster, In addition to working on his own ceramic pieces. From 2005 until 2010 Yasuda serves as Director of the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China, after which he established his own studio in the Jingdezhen Sculpture Factory.

The porcelain objects that he will display in this exhibition have all been created in his studio in Jingdezhen, China, where he has worked for ten years. When Takeshi reflects on his career, he concludes that usually after ten years it is time to embark upon a new project. However, this is not the case: “I am just beginning to come to terms with the essential character of porcelain.” His enthusiasm for the material has not yet dimmed.

This clay has two kinds of plasticity: the first occurs when the object has not yet been fired. Afterwards, in the kiln, another manifests itself during firing. Takeshi seeks for solutions to this plasticity; he strives to work with the shifting of the porcelain and to exploit its movement, and particularly not to fight it. His success is reflected in the elegant objects which are sometimes glazed with celadon or gold.

An extensive article about Takeshi Yasuda has appeared in the Dutch magazine KLEI keramiek Magazine, issue 2015-06.

Etty Walda, Galerie Terra Delft