Terra 30! Duo Expo: Karin Bablok & Michael Cleff

Two German artists are featured, in whose work the harmony of the lines and the interior-exterior interplay of the forms play an original role.

Michael Cleff’s deep empathy for the subtleties of architecture and of minimal art is clear from his objects. ‘I attempt to construct a dialogue between my first, rationally-established plan, and my urge to subdue the symmetry and suggest organic growth.’ He searches for a certain controlled coincidence which produces unexpected irregularities in form and surface, and expands the effect by tearing parts of his objects in order to lighten the stony character and enrich the palette of color and texture.

Karin Bablok turns very thin porcelain bowls. Each bowl is formed by cutting, deforming, and re-assembling. She aims to find harmony in the combination of interior and exterior by drawing lines, sometimes geometric, at other times nonchalant brushstrokes. The work is limited to monochromatic black and white: a silk matt basalt glaze on pure porcelain.

In Terra she will also show colored pieces. The colors are not painted on; she turns cylinders with exactly the same diameter and combines these into bowls so that the color permeates through and through.

Etty Walda

Galerie Terra Delft

In 2016 Galerie Terra Delft is 30 years old and this anniversary, Terra 30!, is the chance to look both backwards and forwards. Throughout the year there are Terra 30! Duo Expositions; these feature a new artist coupled with an artist already represented by the gallery.