Terra 30! Duo Expo: Monika Debus & Daphne Corregan

Terra 30! Duo Expo Monika Debus & Daphne Corregan August 27 – September 24, 2016

In 2016 Galerie Terra Delft is 30 years old and this anniversary, Terra 30!, is the chance to look both backwards and forwards. Throughout the year there are Terra 30! Duo Expositions; these feature a new artist coupled with an artist already represented by the gallery.
The abstract sculptures by these artists show the self-confidence of two strong women. Terra’s audience is already familiar with the repertoire of French ceramist Daphne Corregan. The work of Monika Debus, from Germany, is being exhibited here for the first time. The strength of their work lies in the simplicity and originality of form and decoration.
Both of them show a monumental aura combined with an appealing playfulness. The freedom of design makes their work sometimes abstract, sometimes realistic, making for an unusual collection. Bold and sensitive, pragmatic and emotional: these contradictions can coexist with these artists. This results in an exciting mix in approach and execution. This exhibition displays sculpture which demonstrates a deep knowledge of materials and techniques, free-standing or as wall hangings, and confirms that ceramics is truly an intriguing and versatile art form.

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