Terra 30! Duo Expo: Deirdre McLoughlin & Beatrijs van Rheeden

Terra 30! Duo Expo

Deirdre McLoughlin and Beatrijs van Rheeden

March 5 – April 2, 2016

In honor of the 30-year anniversary of the gallery, Terra is organizing duo exhibitions in which artists with a long association with the gallery are paired with artists whose work has not yet been displayed at Terra.

Beatrijs van Rheeden has further developed herself in her abstract porcelain objects. She is fascinated by structures, and with her sliced work she creates Arabic geometric patterns. In some objects the patterns are toned down through the use of different colors of layered clay; in others, this use of color strengthens the patterns. The color use, however, always remains sober.

Deirdre McLoughlin was born in Dublin and now works in Amsterdam. She will show work from the series “I am too”, a series that emerged by accident while she was testing new clay. She opened an enclosed emptiness and gave it a forwards-pointing foot. The first was called “I am”, the second, “I am too”, and so on. Each piece is unique and numbered.

The series “Light Gatherers” came into existence in the American Midwest in 2007. Light collected by the objects is concentrated on the base of the interiors, where the brilliant glaze on the ribbed surface reflects points of light. Bowls from both series were awarded a first prize by the Ceramics of Europe in Westerwald.


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