Terra 30! Duo Expo: Malene Hartmann Rasmussen & Mariëtte van der Ven

Terra 30! Duo Expo Malene Hartmann Rasmussen & Mariëtte van der Ven October 1 – 29, 2016

Two artists who both work figuratively, but each creates original, poetic work, impossible to capture in just one glance.

The new sculptures by Mariëtte van der Ven seem to have witnessed earthly temporality and transience. Vanitas is perhaps the first word that comes to mind. But a closer look reveals a love of life and an attempt to accept death as an inescapable part of that.

Her new, often monochrome work can be read as a poem, lyrical and descriptive without directly revealing the literal meaning. Let your eyes explore the details of these refined pieces and lose yourself in associations and interpretations.

The layers of meaning in her sculptures is still present, but the porcelain pieces are more richly-detailed than her earlier work, giving more possibilities for wandering and wondering. The fear of finiteness can turn into dreams about life, sometimes sweet but usually with a frayed edge, just as life itself.

The Danish artist Malene Hartmann Rasmussen, who lives in London, works with mixed media sculpture in which she combines different components into a narrative tableau. She creates a place beyond reality: an unreliable, deceptive echo of the real world.

At first glance they are reminiscent of playthings, but upon closer examination they reveal a sinister story. They draw you into a surrealistic world where things are not as they appear to be.

In the June issue of Craft Magazine you can find an extensive, illustrated article about Malene and her work.


In 2016 Galerie Terra Delft is 30 years old and this anniversary, Terra 30!, is the chance to look both backwards and forwards. Throughout the year there are Terra 30! Duo Expositions; these feature a new artist coupled with an artist already represented by the gallery.