Terra 30! Duo Expo: David Roberts & Susanne Silvertant

The last duo exhibition of our anniversary year features two artists who are related to each other through the Japanese technique of raku.

Susanne Silvertant resided in China for three consecutive summers. Her experiences and impressions there are now reflected in her ceramic work. The important themes in her monumental visual imagery are connection and movement. Additionally, she incorporates forms and structures (for instance, borrowed from Chinese cuisine) in her architecturally-inspired pieces. The babbling water of the river alongside her studio is conveyed by separate plates of lucid porcelain which contrast beautifully with the dark, rough raku. The organic aura is achieved through the use of earthy, natural colors. Sparkling self-created glass elements create a surprising finishing touch.

David Roberts is an English ceramist who is acknowleged as responsible for the introduction and promotion of modern, large scale Raku in Europe, as well as instrumental in its re-introduction to the United States, where his example has played a key role in the foundation of the Naked Raku movement. In his personal exploration of this traditional technique, Roberts has transformed it into a vibrant and contemporary art form. The phrase ‘painting with smoke’, coined by David Roberts and the title of Lynne Green’s book about him, has become part of the lexicon of Raku ceramics. The artist is inspired by nature and the landscapes surrounding his studio: the eroded, geological quality of water worn pebbles and rocks, but also the dry stone walls cutting across the Pennine hills in Northern England.

Etty Walda

On Saturday, December 10, at 4:00 p.m. this exhibition will open. Susanne Silvertant and David Roberts both will be present on this opening. During the opening the board of directors of the SKPD (Delft Foundation for the Promotion of Ceramics) will officially close Terra’s anniversary year. We warmly invite you to be present and to raise a glass with us in celebration.

In 2016 Galerie Terra Delft is 30 years old and this anniversary, Terra 30!, is the chance to look both backwards and forwards. Throughout the year there are Terra 30! Duo Expositions; these feature a new artist coupled with an artist already represented by the gallery.