Terra in China – China in Terra

Delft –During their six weeks at Sanbao/Jingdezhen (CN) in the summer of 2012 five Dutch ceramic artists interacted with resident Chinese artists in several ways. As a group, the Dutch artists visited each of the Chinese artist’s studios and observed their work and working practices; and vice versa, with the Chinese artists visiting each Dutch artist’s studio. The project Terra in China – China in Terra was born.

The results of this project will be exhibited in the Old Church during the demonstration Delft Keramiek 2013 from April 27 to June 9. Ten locations in the city centre of Delft are involved in Delft Keramiek 2013, galleries and museums, they all show contemporary ceramics. Also on display are 25 sculptures from Norwegian ceramic artist Marian Heyerdahl’s project The Terracotta Woman (2006), inspired by a feminist reading of the famous Xi’an terracotta warriors. And last but not least an artist in focus on Li Jiansheng will be shown at the Terra Delft Gallery. A full color catalogue on Terra in China – China in Terra is available.

Terracotta Woman Marian Heyerdahl

Xi’an is well known for the Terracotta warrior museum. The archaeological excavation of these sculptures uncovered exclusively male warriors. The Terracotta Woman project is Marian Heyerdahls interpretation of the famous terracotta soldiers from Xi’an transforming them into women. She is focusing on the universal heritage of women suffering the atrocities of war, and as history repeats itself the project is also a comment on contemporary political issues of society.

Both feminine fragility and strength are integrated in the masculine power of the terracotta soldiers. By remodeling the front of the terracotta soldier and adding objects and symbols, this conceptual approach contributes to new interpretations and new understandings regarding human existence and perseverance. In appropriating Chinese cultural heritage and incorporating the contemporary art scene, the artist melts the past and present with the future. Each sculpture is freed from its cultural bonds and given a soul of humanity where the viewer can identify himself or herself.

Photo exhibition Stef Breukel

during the summer of 2012 the Delft photographer Stef Breukel spent two weeks in Sanbao to register the project Terra in China – China in Terra. In the Old Church his pictures will be shown. These large sized photo’s animate the China presentation and show Sanbao as insiprator on this cooparation. Breukels photo’s are also used for the catalogue attending the project.

The exhibition Terra in China – China in Terra in the Old Church of Delft is part of the demonstration Delft Ceramics 2013. One can locate the participants by following the blue marked bricks in the pavement. See www.skpd.nl

location: Old Church; Sunday closed
city: Delft