Terra in China – China in Terra

Terra in China – China in Terra is a cultural exchange between two cities strongly associated with ceramics.

During a six-week stay at the ceramic studios of Jiansheng Li in Sanbao, near Jingdezhen, a group of outstanding Dutch artists / ceramists will explore the possibilities of local material and techniques within the framework of the Chinese culture.  The artists invited to participate were selected on the grounds of their artistic qualities, cultural enterprise and the diversity of their work.

The selected artists are Peter Keizer, Mieke de Groot, Henk Wolvers, Olav Slingerland en Mariette van der Ven. Simone Haak joins in as co-ordinator and to solve upcoming problems. With a weblog Simone will make the progress public. The address of this weblog is  http://terrainchinachinainterra.logze.nl/

During this artist-in-residence project each Dutch artist will establish a working relationship with one Chinese ceramist, the idea being that such a one-to-one relationship will intensify the experience of the project.  The Chinese participants have been selected in consultation with contact persons in Jingdezhen.

location: Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute
city: Jingdezhen – China