2015-05 Terra’s Figuratives 2015

Figurative sculptures as universal language

From April 25 – May 23, four artists will display their figurative ceramic work in Terra Delft Gallery. This exhibition is a sequel to previous presentations of figurative ceramics in the gallery in which the international aspect plays an increasingly prominent role.

In Mariëtte van der Ven’s work the human figure is central; not only the attractive side, but especially aspects which are considered less attractive. The realistic porcelain figures are sculpted much as antique marble representations and busts. Van der Ven is a regular exhibitor with Terra and has built up a wide oeuvre.

For Saskia Pfaeltzer it is the first time exhibiting at Terra Delft Gallery since beginning to work with clay five years ago. She met the gallery owners in Sanbao/Jingdezhen, where Pfaeltzer makes her porcelain figures. Her Chinese collection is characterized by animal figures: tigers, apes, wolves and even Genghis Kahn on horseback.

In the same place, in Sanbao, the gallery owners met the Korean Young-Mi Lee, who will exhibit two wall hangings. These works are unmistakably Asian, partly through the use of celadon glaze. These are two unique contemporary works by a great talent who has recently returned to Korea as master teacher at the art academy.

Michael Flynn is represented with three works in this exhibition. His expressive figures are like sketches in clay: spontaneous and full of movement. The artist lets the material speak and uses a minimum of color to accentuate. His work is humorous and exciting from every angle.

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