2015-03 Wim Borst; autonomy with a twist

Autonomy with a twist

From 21 March –18 April 2015 Terra Delft Gallery features geometric pieces by the artist Wim Borst.

In early 2012 he exhibited the Corner series, in which he surprised with inventive variations on a basic motif: the tube. He develops this theme further and now displays wall pieces, consisting of multiple parts which can be hung in different configurations. They have the recognizable open structure in anthracite grey with a vivid orange accent.

Additionally, he makes autonomous art objects which are also functional, the so-called Flowerbox, made in the summer of 2014. These objects display Borst’s fascination for the square. It is a square box from which one-fourth has been ‘cut away’, and the black free-standing flower holder can be placed in the resulting open section. The flower holder has been treated so that it is waterproof. These objects sport the colors anthracite and black, but also fire-engine red and bright orange.

In the Diagonal Series, Borst deftly and consistently shifts square pieces 45 degrees, creating architectonic forms reminiscent of architecture and tile patterns such as in the Alhambra. The shifts are accentuated by glazing those parts in different colors. Hand-thrown insert cylinders serve as flower holders, making these autonomous pieces functional. In the numbers 10 and 13 of this series the image of diagonally-stacked tables is whimsically developed.

Etty Walda