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KunstKamer Delft Autumn edition 2020

The KunstKamer Delft is an initiative of four art lovers. Full of enthusiasm, we have united our forces: twice a year we organize an exhibition in a sixteenth-century canal house in the Centre of Delft. The special location is located on the Oude Delft 210. It is a national monument with numerous historical details; both […]

Higgins & Kamp; Headstrong about round

Duo exhibtion with ceramics by Liesbeth Kamp and John Higgins. Liesbeth Kamp comes to exciting compositions in shape. Starting point is creating a number of round bowl shapes which she cuts and assembles. After creating the shapes the painting is done by  coloring with sinter-engobes, the clay-like, the dullness of the engobes enhance the forms. […]

Peter Beard solo; “Timeless quality, unique objects”

Peter Beard’s professional career in ceramics began in 1973. Since 2001 his artworks are added to the Terra Delft collection. Terra Delft have shown his work, besides of the permanent collection in the gallery, in solo- and group-exhibitions. In 2013/14 these group exhibitions of Terra Delft were realized in China as well, in Beijing, Shanghai […]