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International ceramics exhibition in Sanbao Museum

International ceramics exhibition in Sanbao Museum in Jingdezhen, China, in collaboration with Terra Delft Gallery From October 18 through December 1, 2018; after December 1 the exhibition is open by appointment only. Participating artists: Johanpeter (JP) Hol, United Kingdom Martin McWilliam, Germany Karin Bablok, Germany Anne-Soline Barbaux, France Daphne Corregan, France Philippe Dubuc, France Ivan […]

One hundred cups in China

Xishuangbanna Minorities Museum 西双版纳民族博物馆 shows an international ceramic event which contains an exhibition, workshops and art fair. The region maintains a strong agricultural focus which includes growing tea and coffee. This explains the theme of the international exhibition in Xishuangbanna Minorities Museum: Coffee and Tea Art Exhibition – One hundred cups 咖啡与茶的对话茶艺展演 Curator of the […]

Terra in China 2016: Tree Art Museum Beijing

This exhibition is a collaboration between Terra Delft Gallery, Sanbao Int. Ceramic Art Museum Institute in Jingdezhen and Tree Art Museum in Beijing. Exhibiting artists are: Anne-Soline Barbaux (F) Wim Borst (NL) Ivan Jelínek (CZ) Guy van Leemput (B) Martin McWilliam (D) Saskia Pfaeltzer (NL) Barbara Röling (NL) Duncan Ross (GB) Susanne Silvertant (NL) Judith de […]