Groh + Nishida

Participant in ‘Porcelain Palette’, an international exhibition with porcelain art & design made by seven different artists; 7/9-6/10 2019 at Terra Delft Gallery.

Vladimir Groh + Yasuyo Nishida are a Czech and Japanese couple exclusively working with the porcelain – for their work they are using slip casting technology with the wide range of hand made decoration. They are firing their pieces in the reduction atmosphere– using the gas kiln – for 1360℃. For the overglaze decoration they are using mostly platina which is fired on 800℃ in a oxidation atmosphere.

All their pieces are highly functional.

Through this link you can see them working in studio as recorded in 2018 by Mels Boom from the digital magazine De Kleine K:

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Showing all 8 results