Wim Borst

Wim Borst is participant in Terra in China 2016 ; artist-in-residence in Sanbao/Jingdezhen and exhibition in Tree Art Museum – Beijing

Wim Borst’s oeuvre reads like a book on modern sculpture in which each chapter comprises a group of works exploring specific formal possibilities within a well-defined theme. At the beginning of his career, Borst worked with cubes and squares, decorated with rectilinear sgraffito markings. Gradually he introduced diagonal shifts, investing his objects with greater dynamism and spatiality. He then developed a series of more ritual objects, with sheets of Plexiglass sandwiched between ceramic blocks, before returning in the late 1990‛s to a more abstract, geometric idiom.

During a highly productive residency at the European Ceramic Work centre (‘s-Hertogenbosch) in 1998, he discovered the possibilities afforded by circles, cones and curved elements to steer his work in a new direction. At that time Borst introduced cylindrical forms bisected by angular elements. He also experimented with the interplay of matte glazes on granite-like biscuit clay. In his most recent work he stacks and rotates identical volumes to create complex three-dimensional studies. Whereas in his earlier work Borst mainly employed various shades of white, grey and black, he now works with bright colour accents, such as red and blue, thus emphasising the illusionistic character of his objects.

Thimo te Duits, former Design Curator Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

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