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Corien Ridderikhoff

Corien Ridderikhoff (Amsterdam, 1953) is a ceramist since 1977. Her work consists primarily of various types of vases, tulip towers, urns, jars and cups. These are generally cast or built out of porcelain slabs and then decorated with geometric motifs. For the decoration Corien most often uses a liquid-wax batik technique. For the colored areas of the design each piece is dipped in a rich indigo-blue glaze. After firing (1260 degrees C) the decorative design shows an appealing contrast between matte white and glossy deep blue. This technique also develops a tactile relief effect between the thickly glazed and the unglazed surfaces that is pleasing to the touch. Corien draws her inspiration for this work from Asian ceramic, architectural and textile patterns.

Exhibitions via Terra Delft Gallery:

  • 2010 Uit je Bol, tulip vases; Kunsthuis Secretarie Meppel

  • 2009 Art lease Alkmaar

  • 2006 Terra Twenty!; 20 years of Terra Delft Gallery

  • 2002 Contemporary Dutch Ceramics; Devon Guilt of Craftsmen (GB)

  • 2001 Art fair Art Twente, Hengelo

  • 2000 solo exhibition

  • 1996 Ceramics and Delft, 10 years of Terra Delft Gallery; Old Church Delft

  • 1994 Coffee Ceramics; Lambert van Meerten Museum, Delft

  • 1992 Hartenstraat Amsterdam

  • 1990 Table culture, group exhibition

  • 1987 Life of Ceramics; 1 year Terra Delft Gallery

  • 1986 Quarterly exhibition

Objects by Corien Ridderikhoff