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Ellen Rijsdorp

The Delft ceramist Ellen Rijsdorp uses nature and its elements as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Her work first consisted of recognizable forms but has become freer in recent years. Through this, the works obtain an extra dynamism and project the form further into the surroundings. These objects thus need more space; at the same time, it is more difficult to assign a label to them.

The basis always consists of a rounded form thrown on the wheel: a typical ceramic technique, an artisanal beginning. But then the story of wind, water and fire commences, elements which she depicts through structure. This structure is emphasized using colors as a wild three-dimensional painting. The final result is abstract with an intriguing use of colors lent from nature. Every piece is unique. They are fired at a high temperature which hardens them and renders them less fragile.

Objects by Ellen Rijsdorp