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Gen Hoshino

The celadon work by Japanese potter Hoshino Gen offers distinct pleasures. Each piece is a masterful balance of movement and stillness, and presence and emptiness, and the effect is both powerful and meditative. “What I express in my work is a beauty consisting of natural pattern, for example, flow of river, sea wave, sand hill-crest, wind ripple and so on. I draw inspiration from them. And my works are produced with such a beauty sense.

I produce such pattern with slip that is one of condition of the clay. At first, I put the slip in the mold. After a few hours, it becomes a skin inside of mold, then I scoop out extra slip. At that time I draw by a paddle imaging natural pattern on the muddy surface. I try my slip action intersect with my sense of beauty. And I wish the audience can feel the energy and movement of slip clay accompanied by this process.”

Objects by Gen Hoshino