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Guy van Leemput

2019 participant at: ‘Porcelain Palette’, an international exhibition with porcelain art & design made by seven different artists; 7/9-6/10 2019 at Terra Delft Gallery; KunstKamer Delft 2+3 Nov. at Oude Delft 210

As a mathematician, Guy Van Leemput is fascinated by ‘patterns’ and the solutions Nature has found for complex problems such as how to build a strong piece with as less material as possible. His porcelain work is fired upside down (on a support), thus allowing the processes of gravity and melting to act out their parts in order to extract the pot in the kiln. The wood firing gives the porcelain the beautiful white color and the twinkling ash-blossom. The high temperature (1300°C) is needed for little transformations in shape.

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Objects by Guy van Leemput