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Kazuko Uga: Organic objects

Artist Japanse Lente


€125.00 - €169.50


宇賀 和子 Kazuko Uga


1978      Graduated from the Musashino Art University ceramic design course


1983       The Chozasho Ceramic Competition of traditional work, Choza Prize

1988       The Chozasho Ceramic Competition, Newcomer Prize

1993 The Menbachitaishou Competition, Juror’s Recommendation Prize

1994  The Unglazed Ceramics Competition, Prize

2002  Beer Mug Rankai, Fine work Prize

2006 Izushi Porcelain Competition, Merit Prize

2007 The Asahi Contemporary Crafts ,Recommendation Prize

2008       Taiwan Ceramic Biennale, Juror’s Recommendation Prize


-Workshop & Residence

1997  Residence in the Czech Republic.

1999       The Delhi Blue Pottery in India and exhibition in New Delhi.

Mug Symposium in Czech Republic.

2000       The Pot Symposium in Czech Republic

2003  Mug Cup Symposium in Czech Republic

2004  Workshop at Spain, Workshop at Korea

2009       Residence at Patisatu Studio in Malaysia, Mug Cup Symposium in Czech Republic

2011  Mug Cup Symposium in Czech Republic

2012 Workshop at Macao

2014  Workshop at Agost Spain

2015  Workshop at Korea, Workshop at Barcelona, Spain

2016 Cobalt painting Symposium in Czech Republic, Residence at Taoxichuan International Studio Jingdezhen China, Conference ECAC in Colombia

2017  Workshop at Korea, Residence at Taoxichuan International Studio Jingdezhen China


Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan

Icheon World Ceramic Center, Korea

Seiei Museum, Hyogo Japan

International Modern Pot Art Museum, Yixing China