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cup Galaxy – 30 Stars

Artist Márta Nagy


edition: unlimited

technique: Hungarian porcelain, underglaze, luster

photo: István Füzi

It is a serie celebrating the anniversary in a very abstract way: the pattern is like a galaxy and each piece decorated has 30 dots, “stars” either in gold or in platinum.

The material is very high quality porcelain. The cups and the muesli bowl is casted. The saucers and little bowls are handmade. The decoration is one of a kind underglaze “bubble” pattern and gold or platinum dots (fired to 820 C˚).

The serie contains

– cups h:8 cm, diam: 7,5 cm, blue or pink, most of  them will be white inside, and some as seen on the picture

– round saucers, diam: 12 cm, white, blue or pink

– oval saucers length:17,5 cm, white, blue or pink

– small bowls: blue or pink, round or oval

– bowl for muesli, diameter:14 cm, height: 6,5 cm blue or pink, decorated inside and outside