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Peter Keizer

As a painter, he was extremely expressive in his intense experience of nature. Colourful blossom against a dazzling blue sky, formed in pasty layers of paint. His use of a palette can also be seen in the figures he created when he began working in three dimensions. The hollow objects are made from glazed ceramics, sometimes coated roughly with a layer of oil paint. They appear coarse, reminding us of the rough strokes of his paintings. He finds his subjects in everyday reality; dogs, hands and feet on a mooring post in the air, become sculptures which radiate a great sense of joie de vivre and pleasure.

During an artist-in-residence project via Galerie Terra Delft, Peter Keizer painted porcelain in Jingdezhen. The result of this, a number of colored painted tiles of size, showed his mastery. Even in a completely different material, Peter Keizer managed to express himself without compromise, while the colors and effects only became visible after firing in the porcelain oven.

Objects by Peter Keizer