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Time for clocks

Mar 5, 2021 - Apr 3, 2021
Terra Delft Gallery

Postponed till March 2021

The exhibition, with work by Ross Emerson from Devon (Great Britain), was slated to begin on September 12, 2020. We had planned to travel to Devon to pick up his work. Right before we wanted to book tickets for the ferry, England announced a 14-day corona quarantine, which made our trip impossible. The pieces by Ross Emerson – including many clocks – cannot be responsibly sent by post. As soon as the situation improves, we will again attempt the journey to pick up the work. Please feel free to contact us to keep up to date with the situation. Until then you may enjoy Gallery Terra Delft’s extensive permanent collection. In the meantime, an article has appeared in the Sept./Oct. 2020 issue of KLEI ceramics magazine. In it, Barbara Bunskoek gives an overview of Ross Emerson’s oeuvre.