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Dutch clay by Chinese hands

Published on Oct 11, 2013

The famous artist (Jackson) Li Jiansheng from Sanbao, China, has returned to Delft. This Spring Li had a solo exhibition in Terra Delft Gallery and embarked on two projects at that time; his portraits in Delft blue and making tableware with Dutch elements.

Friday 11 and Saturday 12 October he resumed making bowls and bowls in the Studio of Ankie Bonnet, ‘The Mallemok ‘. With the clay and the glazes of Ankie Jackson will sit behind the turntable to make Chinese style bowls to run for the tea and the noodles.

Jackson Li is a phenomenon in China and in the global ceramics world; his work is known in America and Australia. Recently he has delivered a luxury restaurant in Shanghai with a comprehensive series of bowls and trays where their exquisite dishes are served on. Seemingly simple and obvious are the bowls of form and decoration. Than in the second instance, you can see the balance and dynamic that even a small tea bowl of his hand shows. Even a small object of Li shows the unmatched rich history of the Chinese culture. A real pleasure to see and to use!