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Martin McWilliam in Sanbao (CN)

Published on Jun 3, 2014

In 2012 Terra started the cooperation with the ceramic workcentre Sanbao near Jingdezhen in China. This worked out in a book Terra in China – China in Terra. In 2014 Martin McWilliam is ithe first artist who will continue this project through the artist-in-residence project off Terra Delft Gallery. Four weeks McWilliam gWill use the facilities in the internatinal ceramic work centre of Sanbao. This inspiring venue, the wet and hot climate in this period, But as welll the differences in opinion and artistic processes of the Chinese will give the artist other sights.

On longer term, in the summer of 2015, His results will be shown in Terra Delft Gallery with a group exhibition together with the other China artists. In 2014 also Yuk Kan Yeung, Guy van Leemput, Susanne Silvertant, Beatrijs van Rheeden and Marc Janssens are selected for a work period in Sanbao.

If you like to support this initiative you can do so through the Stichting Keramiek Promotie Delft/Foundation for Ceramic Promotion Delft. In 2013 the SKPD got the cultural ANBI status by the Dutch Gouvernamental Tax Institute and through this the foundation is allowed to accept gifts. The Foundation is looking forward to see donations from benefactors. That gift can be transferred to bank account NL32 INGB 0006 8820 79 in the name of Stichting Keramiek Promotie Delft in Delft.