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Opening ‘China Blue’ in stadhuis Delft

Published on 23 jan. 2019

The opening of the exhibition China Blue, variëren op Delfts Blauw on Saturday January 19 in the city hall of Delft was very successfull. The audience was present in large numbers and finally had to settle for a pitch. The Delft Deputy Mayor Bas Vollebregt, who is also responsible for culture and Jingdezhen in the twinned cities, led off with an entertaining speech in which he expressed his appreciation over the international and intercultural connections that are made. And about the importance to maintain.

Karin Janssen, official in the city of Delft and painter, talks about her artist-in-residence experience in the Chinese sister city of Delft; Jingdezhen. Last fall has Karin during a stay of 7 weeks a long-cherished wish come true let go; painting on porcelain. This reading was supported with pictures of her way of working in China. Simone Haak, owner of Terra Delft Gallery, initiates and supports this kind of ceramics projects in China and let the public share in this special experiences.

After the opening cermony many visitors visited the gallery and drunk a glass together with the artist. Despite that there are already various works have been sold there still is a beautiful collections available, till 16 February 2019.

On Sunday 3 February will karin Janssen be present in the gallery. From 15:00 to 17:00 can you meet her and she tells about her motivation and experiences to this bold step about doing an artist-in-residence on the other side of the world.

Locoburgemeester Bas Vollebregt