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Summer 2012, the start of Terra in China…

Published on 7 okt. 2012

A comprehensive article was published in the Craft Arts Magazine #86 2012 written by Colin Martin about the artist-in-residence project by Terra last summer in the Ceramic Art Institute Sanbao, Jingdezhen. During 6 weeks 5 artists from Terra Delft Gallery worked there daar in cooporation with Chinese artists to accomplish a collection to be shown this autumn at the Ceramic Fair Jingdezhen 2012 and the Shanghai Art Fair 2012.

Colin Martin visited our project Terra in China – China in Terra for two weeks to interview the participants and to consider the environment. The result is a good report as regards content.

Peter Keizer, Mieke de Groot, Henk Wolvers, Simone Haak, Olav Slingerland & Mariette van der Ven; participants Terra in China artist-in-residence project