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Terra in China 2016

Published on Sep 15, 2016

Today, 14 September 2016, Simone Haak, owner of Terra Delft Gallery, is leaving to China with five artists of the Gallery. After a visit to Shanghai, where of course the ceramic department of the Shanghai Museum is visited they travel further to Jingdezhen, twinned city of Delft.

In the international ceramic institute Sanbao-Jingdezhen, they can work and blend into the ever-lively ceramic climate of the city where high quality porcelain is produced since the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), in blue and white. The blue-white of which the original Delft blue is copy from.

Invited by the Tree Art Museum in Beijing also an exhibition will be realized in Beijing with work of ten European artists of the Terra Delft Gallery. The group that leaves today will therefore also visit Beijing to be present at the opening. This museum of contemporary art has opened in 2012 and offers beautiful exhibition rooms in a futuristic architecture. The group then also will do a presentation in an Art Center in the port city of Tianjin, east of Beijing.

This trip is a continuation of the long time connections between Terra Delft Gallery and the founder of the ceramic work centre in Sanbao/Jingdezhen; Jackson Li. Since 2012 already fifteen artists have been to Jingdezhen via Terra to go to work there as artist-in-residence.

The other way around regularly Chinese artists come to Delft to work. In 2015 Wenna from Beijing stayed in Delft, a versatile talent. During her stay in Delft, she has in addition to a complete exhibition with ceramic sculptures also realized a mural painted on an outside wall of the Stanislas College in Delft.

The artists which come along with Simone Haak to China are:

  • Anne-Soline Barbaux (F)

  • Wim Borst (NL)

  • Guy van Leemput (B)

  • Saskia Pfaeltzer (NL)

  • Barbara Röling (NL)

 Terra in China – China in Terra is a lively exchange program between East and West. To be continued!

For more information please contact Joke Doedens, owner Terra Delft Gallery. T (+)31(0)15-2147072 M (+)31(0)6-10003624, mail to: or look at the website of the Gallery:

After October 12, Simone Haak will be back in Delft and is available to share her experiences!