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V&A and Van Achterbergh prize 2020

Published on 29 jan. 2020

Babs Haenen, the famous artist from the Netherlands, is participant in the exhibition Blanc de Chine, a Continuous Conversation at the V&A. This display showcases historic pieces from the V&A’s Asian and European ceramics collections, as well as a selection of new works by contemporary makers including: Babs Haenen, Lucille Lewin, Liang Wanying, Jeffry Mitchell, Su Xianzhong, and Peter Ting. Retelling the story of porcelain-making in Dehua, this display will build a bridge between the past and the current, tradition and innovation, and breaking the boundary of Chinese and non-Chinese ceramic practices. Till 10 May 2020.

At the same time Babs Haenen is the winner of the Van Achterbergh prize 2020. Once every two years the Van Achterbergh prize, i.e. the amount of €15,000,-, is awarded to a person or institution that has made an extraordinary contribution to the development of ceramic art and ceramics in the Netherlands. The prize is awarded in November 2020 in Ceramics Museum Princessehof in Leeuwarden where at that time the exhibition with the work of Babs Haenen is. This exhibition is from September 5 2020 till January 3 2021.

In the January/February 2020 issue of the KLEI keramiek magazine an article about Babs Haenen is to be seen at pag.08-pag.11