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Jackson Li: Post Imperial Porcelain

During the early 1980s, enormous quantities of fragments were unearthed at the imperial kiln sites in the Chinese city of Jingdezhen. This archaeological discovery stunned the ceramic world: it was the earliest Ming-porcelain manufactured especially for the Chinese emperors. However, it never reached the imperial court in Beijing. 500 years later, in Porcelain for the […]
Slingerland 2017 Terra Delft

Plate for Delft / Making of

Olav Slingerland creates lovely objects in his studio; this is already well-known. Now he will give an inside view into his method: in collaboration with the Foundation DelftsPeil and Galerie Terra Delft, he will participate in a project in the Hof van Delft, a densely-populated neighborhood which was mostly built before the Second World War.Together creating […]

Martin McWilliam solo

In 2017 Galerie Terra’s exhibition series will start with a solo exhibit of work by the British artist Martin McWilliam, who resides in Germany. He is a regular guest in the gallery with his theme “The vessel and its image”. Following a work sojourn in China, his objects have developed a more archeological character. He […]

Copy and identity

A Program of: Rotterdam Chinese New Year 2017. More info: http://www.rcny.nl/nl/rcny/ The Western world jokes about Chinese copies everything. It is not really a prejudice, because Chinese people also  accept and live in their copying culture. There are many alternative words to describe COPY, for example: fake, counterfeit imitate, refer… So we can pass different judgements […]
Terra nov. 16 1016.indd

Terra 30! Duo Expo: David Roberts & Susanne Silvertant

The last duo exhibition of our anniversary year features two artists who are related to each other through the Japanese technique of raku. Susanne Silvertant resided in China for three consecutive summers. Her experiences and impressions there are now reflected in her ceramic work. The important themes in her monumental visual imagery are connection and […]
Terra 30! duo 11-1

Terra 30! Duo Expo: Karin Bablok & Michael Cleff

Two German artists are featured, in whose work the harmony of the lines and the interior-exterior interplay of the forms play an original role. Michael Cleff’s deep empathy for the subtleties of architecture and of minimal art is clear from his objects. ‘I attempt to construct a dialogue between my first, rationally-established plan, and my […]
Terra 30! duo 10

Terra 30! Duo Expo: Malene Hartmann Rasmussen & Mariëtte van der Ven

Terra 30! Duo Expo Malene Hartmann Rasmussen & Mariëtte van der Ven October 1 – 29, 2016 Two artists who both work figuratively, but each creates original, poetic work, impossible to capture in just one glance. The new sculptures by Mariëtte van der Ven seem to have witnessed earthly temporality and transience. Vanitas is perhaps […]