Artist Talk 29 Jan. at Timmerhuis

info: Artist Talk  29 Jan at het Timmerhuis As a closing event of exhibition Copy and Identity, we have 3 artists to share their inspiration and stories with you. Exhibition Copy and Identity is a program of Rotterdam Chinese New Year, which opened for the public from 23 Jan at het Timmerhuis. Through the exhibition, […]

Copy and identity

A Program of: Rotterdam Chinese New Year 2017. More info: The Western world jokes about Chinese copies everything. It is not really a prejudice, because Chinese people also  accept and live in their copying culture. There are many alternative words to describe COPY, for example: fake, counterfeit imitate, refer… So we can pass different judgements […]
Slingerland 2017 Terra Delft

Plate for Delft / Making of

Olav Slingerland creates lovely objects in his studio; this is already well-known. Now he will give an inside view into his method: in collaboration with the Foundation DelftsPeil and Galerie Terra Delft, he will participate in a project in the Hof van Delft, a densely-populated neighborhood which was mostly built before the Second World War.Together creating […]

Sunday open from 13:00 – 17:00

Sunday July 2 Terra Delft Gallery is extra open from 13:00 till 17:00. In the gallery is the exhibition Post Imperial Porcelain with ceramic art by Jackson Li  from Jingdezhen (CN). Combine your visit to the gallery with a visit to Museum Prinsenhof. From 11:00 you can see here the exhibition Porcelain for the Forbidden City. The exhibition […]