What is ZhenXi? ZhenXi is ceramic design for table use, designed in China and produced by Li Zhen from China and Simone Haak from the Netherlands. The similarities between Li Zhen and Simone led them to share their experience, knowledge and ideas in order to bring higher-quality products to the public. The ZhenXi name The […]

Peter Beard solo; “Timeless quality with modern unique objects”

Peter Beard’s professional career in ceramics began in 1973. Since 2001 his artworks are added to the Terra Delft collection. Terra Delft have shown his work, besides of the permanent collection in the gallery, in solo- and group-exhibitions. In 2013/14 these group exhibitions of Terra Delft were realized in China as well, in Beijing, Shanghai […]

KunstKamer Delft autumn edition 2019

The KunstKamer Delft is an initiative of four art lovers. Full of enthusiasm, we have united our forces: twice a year we organize an exhibition in a sixteenth-century canal house in the Centre of Delft. The special location is located on the Oude Delft 210. It is a national monument with numerous historical details; both […]

Silvertant Solo; An inspiring adventure through the ancient firing technique of raku

Since 2012 the gallery has been working intensively with the ceramics institute Sanbao-Jingdezhen in China. Thanks to Terra Delft, various artists have ventured to the Far East and become motivated and inspired. So, too, has Susanne Silvertant, who has always been fascinated by other cultures and curious about new experiences and impulses. Her choice of […]

Figurative Sculptures

The collection ‘Figurative Sculptures’ in Terra Delft Gallery consists of artworks which are interpretations of tangible reality. There is a mix of already-familiar ‘Terra’ artists and new faces. Stephanie Roos makes her debut at Terra with realistic sculptures whose presentation is quotidian and contemporary. The well-known voluminous ‘ladies’ by Evelyn van Baarda are decorated with […]